Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mona Lisa's Mystery Brother

Look at this man. Is there not something odd going on here? 

Saving museums for the last day in Cartagena wasn't the greatest idea. Several marathon late nights under my belt--the kind only possible near the equator--make me totally apathetic towards history. I was literally dragging myself across the floor, doing the whole "I need to sit down" thing. But then I saw this guy and was like, "Wah?" 

My question: is the droopy eye on purpose? Or a nasty joke? (This was in the Museum of the Inquisition, after all.) Here's the thing. Even if this supposedly distinguished man did have a droopy eye, don't you think they'd paint a glorified version of him? Another thing making this hard for me is that I turned a corner and there was a picture of a DIFFERENT guy with a droopy eye. I obviously haven't done my research. Maybe it was genetic. Does anyone know? 


mnelson said...

Now that is truly odd. I don't think I've ever seen a painting like that in the well-to-do portrait genre. If I could, I'd collect them all.

mnelson said...

Now thinking about it, maybe he had a stroke? Weird!