Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Question

How did the settlers survive here?! 

I can't even cross a parking lot without mittens lately. 

Well, it was another fabulous weekend at Casa del Turmano, even though it was free-ee-ee-zing. We have a special guest till next Saturday or so--the Soph-Meister! (The in-law's golden retriever...who I believe typically goes by Sophie.) 

Gus and Sophie are getting along great, even though their perspectives on what are reasonable/unreasonable speeds at which to be operating vary somewhat. (Gus: one of those little hand-held fans on high; Sophie: the occasional tradewind.) 

Ginger has spent the entire weekend out of view.

Muffy, David, and I got together yesterday. We were supposed to hit up the Omnitheater, but changed our plans and headed to the Riverview for the $2 showing of Bolt. Pretty sure 75% of the audience was under the age of ten, but hey, we had fun! 

Before the movie we stopped to see frozen Minnehaha Falls, which right now is so frozen, it's blue. Unfortunately all the stairways to the bottom are closed because they're nothing but solid ice blocks, but that didn't stop David from making a little visit to the wild side....

Fun times, fun times. I'll leave you with three thoughts because I'm two shakes of a lamb's tail from hitting the pillow.

1. If you haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, go see it because you'll probably enjoy it. 
2. I just got over 500 additional photos of Colombia via my traveling partners! Will share. 
3. David is now as tall as me...uff da.

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