Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter. You love it.

It's amazing how one day you can be sitting in an open air living room somewhere warm, drinking something fruity out of a coconut, and the next, you're dressed in multiple layers of black spandex, suited up for a run in sub-zero temps and hoping you don't get frostbite. 

But oh well, buckle down and charge ahead! (Said a Scandinavian on the news once.) I'm not going to get down about the ice block that is January-February-March. Instead I'll think about all the great things about living in Minnesota. 

A few: 
1. No cockroaches, mosquitos, or gigantic reptiles
2. When snow clings to every tree, branch, bush, pretty! 
3. You can run an extra errand after grocery shopping because you don't have to worry about the dairy products or frozen foods in your trunk
4. Not having to put sunscreen all over yourself every time you go outside
5. How fruit I take to work gets nicely chilled after an hour in the parking lot at morning swim practice
6. Speaking of #5, winter = the best oranges. Don't know why. Living in MN isn't actually the reason for this one, but it's a major seasonal snack highlight for me. 

So yes, I love going places where the weather is warm, but I'm pretty sure I was meant to represent the C-O-L-D. It kind of grows on you...once you've got the right boots. (And yes, I did take the flip flops off before I went outside.) 

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