Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eggz 'n Such

Well well, another Easter has been had! We got to see the Little Lady today...and this time she was awake! Apparently her *favorite* toy is the monkey we got her at ahem FAO Schwartz in NYC. Apparently the light/dark contrast of maroon monkey body with white monkey belly is highly stimulating to a 5 week-old and it's the only toy she reacts to! Good thing we didn't get her that lame monochromatic monkey instead.

On Good Friday we decorated eggs with my fam, and once again we outdid ourselves with creativity--decoupage, crayon drawings, eggs bombarded with food coloring drops at various intervals to produce incredibly organic-looking colors...some even with veins! I think David even drew roller coasters and a ferris wheel on one...RANDOM!

We wrapped up the evening watching the French thriller "Tell No One," or Ne le dis a personne. And it really was thrilling. Though I swear French thrillers have more inconceivable plot twists than you'd think would be necessary for a film to be good. ("You mean she disappeared because Phillippe was harassing her dad and then HIS dad's disappearance was covered up because the son in-law was framed for the crime but then the person HE talked to was really the one who did it all? Got it.") Still recommended and you don't even have to speak French to appreciate it! 

Bon, je me couche ! 

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mnelson said...

Haha, that was indeed a fun day. Hope you had a good rest of your Easter! I on the other hand found out that someone had my debit card and bought a crapton of Jimmy Johns! Exciting! It's all sorted out now though.