Saturday, April 18, 2009

Threshold Met *in automated robot voice*

For those who work M-F on a standard schedule, Friday afternoons tend to fall in one of maybe three categories. 
1. Chomping at the bit to get out of the house/go shopping/DO THINGS.
2. Chomping at the bit to do stuff around the house. 
3. Shutdown - food/sitting/TV

Yesterday was definitely a shutdown.  

There are usually different specific triggers--this time I think it was detail overload, probably because I pack less for trips than I do for most weekdays.  

I know it's detail overload calling when I do something like leave my beloved new turquoise flip-flops in the locker room at AM swim. Like I'm ever going to see THOSE again! Yes, only $2 at Old Navy, but still. You think Old Navy carries any size 9s after April?? That injustice could be the subject of an entirely different post.

After getting home and walking through the door with a swim bag, black work tote full of power cords for the laptop I DON'T have with me, big purse, a damp handful of towel and swimsuit, two empty beverage containers, and an acquisition from a trip to Famous Footwear over lunch, the dining room table went from *clear* to *is there a table under there?* in two seconds flat. 

The following ensued. I picture it as the person running the track mile with shoes literally untying and flying off in the last 200 meters.

-Circled kitchen, eating random small amounts of several different foods (crackers, olives, sesame sticks, etc.).
-Sifted through 500+ countertop samples on 10lb. chains while Gus tried to figure out whether they were toys. 
-Thought about India AGAIN for the fiftieth time.
-Took Gus outside and sat on the concrete walkway with a Summit.
-Forcefully said "NO" about twenty times while Gus tried to lap up the puddle of pilsner from the bottle he knocked over amidst unbridled playtime glee. 
-Watched Gus completely lose interest in me once Dad rolled up. (Typical!)
-Ate copious amounts of cornbread and fried green beans at Longfellow Grill with Mr. Abigailius. Rolled ourselves out. 
-Turned on Entourage, cancelled appearance at Girls Night Out. 


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mnelson said...

I... I wish I had your life. Haha, better and much more proactive than my:
- sitting in studio poring over numerous different projects, listening to my studio neighbor's stomach noises because I forgot my headphones.
- get water
-return to sitting