Sunday, May 3, 2009

His and Hers

First triathlon of the season! Who would have thought we'd walk away as 1st Place 20-29 Male (2nd overall) and 1st Place 20-29 Female (5th overall)? A couples first. 

It was a beautiful day to race. Early May is always iffy, but we got sun and somewhat warm temps! The pool swim was obviously not a variable in terms of warmth and it went according to plan. The bike went better than expected, and part of it was on a paved path with a tailwind, which meant FLYING! The other direction back facing the wind was a different story, but hey, it's what I've trained for. 

I seriously couldn't believe I heard someone say "she's fast" when I ran by during the run portion. I felt like I had cinder blocks on both feet. (Fairly common after riding a bike as hard as possible.) But I was just happy to be racing healthy! 

It's strange how many months of winter go by where you think about races coming up, and mainly how far away they seem. The next thing you know, it's almost WARM out and everything is in full swing! Love it! 

P.S. A big shoutout to hubs for getting written up in the Minnesota Tri News blog for his stellar performance!  


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