Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Month of June and Where it Might Have Gone

It's been a while, I know. June is always the month that goes by the fastest. 

I think it's the relative summer velocity that hits and you don't even realize until about June 23rd and then you go, "DAH! I still haven't even walked around Lake Calhoun yet!"

Said velocity entailing:
  • Unprecedented busy times at work threatening to swallow you into their air-conditioned vortex...and invading your dreams. (Who would otherwise dream about Microsoft Desktop products and features only available in the Office 2007 versions?)
  • Keeping the training and quality race performances going (since you spent all dark winter dreaming about them and you aren't about to biff that)
  • BBQ/Happy Hour City 
  • Incessant Minnesota guilt over wasting a moment of warm weather
  • ...and then you have to worry about how the lawn looks? (Okay, I'm not actually the family mower, but still. No wait, I AM the family lawn edger and lilac bush trimmer.)
Regardless, the days are going by so quickly. BUT, we've done a lot. 

The Lake Minnetonka Tri was last weekend, and Micah & I both had a blast. Dad came out to watch, which was great! 

We went from this downpour Friday night in Excelsior to super sunny on race day:

We were both really happy with our performances, and walked away with two trophies! This was the first race where I felt my swim was on par and not a major limiter for me. It was only a 1/2 mile swim and felt so short after the 1500M swim in an Olympic distance race. I really like these short races!!

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