Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indiana Mumbai

Hello! This will be a short post. I'm currently on break in the middle of Day 4 of training. It's going well and all the trainees are great! We're doing our best to make training F-U-N.

It's not raining too much here, but last night the rain was of Old Testament proportions. The weekend in Agra and Delhi we just went on was super fun!! I'll post more pictures, but here's one of the view of Powai Lake from my hotel room.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well here I am, in India! I don't have much more to report than you might expect from one's first 24 hours of travel to and in Mumbai:

  • Smooth flights

  • Luggage claim lasting as long as the flights

  • Humidity bordering on a personality

  • Bumpy traffic best appreciated with eyes closed

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

Everyone is doing well, though we're completely time-inverted right now. (Not good when combined with troubleshooting computer setups!) Our part of training the new employees starts tomorrow, and we're hoping for a smooth go. Off to sleep!

p.s. There was a major solar eclipse here this morning, but no one in Mumbai could see it because of the clouds. I hear it was more visible in other cities.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Race #7 and Done (for now)

The Heart of the Lakes Tri was yesterday in Annandale and it was a blast--and a great way for me to finish my tri season. Lots of P2 teammates raced and did well, particularly Micah, against a very deep field. I'm so proud of him!!

My goal for this race was two-fold: 1) finish my season with a strong performance that I wouldn't look back on with any sort of "should have" sentiment and 2) beat my time from last year. Well, check and check. 

Finally my swimming is coming around! Coming out of the water 3 minutes earlier than last year put me in a much better position heading onto the bike. The bike course was fast, and I think my 21.2 mph was the same as last year. The run out of transition was seriously like a 200M dash--that long. 

The run was where I really didn't want to leave anything. Since I started in Wave 8 (the last wave), I got to spend the entire run hunting down women with earlier wave #s written on their calves and picking them off one by one. It was a very fun game! I do think it's what helped me keep my mile splits down around 7:24 (vs. 7:35 LY). Busted out a sprint to the finish right after I passed Dad, and it felt AWESOME! Good enough for 3rd in my age group in a very competitive field and a chance to stand on the awards podium! 

One note on the female overall placings: I was 17th. But here's what I don't get. The transition area is set up with certain bike racks designated for different waves (which are determined by age). In most races you can rack wherever. (The prize for being an early bird).

My designated rack was located at the very far end of the transition area, while others for other female age groups were positioned so that they only had to run maybe half of that distance in and out of transition. So in my mind, the overall gender placings at this race don't mean very much if the transition distances don't equal out (which they usually do). 

Either way, it was great fun and it left me wanting more! Better to end the season a little early than be burnt out in August! 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pack your Wellies, Kids!

Here's what Mumbai looks like right now.
Note: I am not in India yet and did not take this picture. But I hope to get some good monsoon shots!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Surprise Party!

What a weekend! Little did I know that on Friday night when I was walking in to Cafe Lurcat for what I thought was a family dinner that it was a surprise party Micah had been planning for me for a month! And I wasn't expecting to see fifty people there for ME! Totally awesome. With champagne and french fries. 

I've never had a surprise party before, and it's not really something you can ask for. But I totally didn't expect it, even when random people at morning swim practice started saying things like, "Hey, your birthday is coming up, right?" 

At any rate, it's a good thing I was dressed up! The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of food, family get-togethers, and a triathlon thrown in for good measure. I leave for Mumbai in a week, and it feels like I've already done more so far this summer than in any past summer. The Turmans, they party.