Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indiana Mumbai

Hello! This will be a short post. I'm currently on break in the middle of Day 4 of training. It's going well and all the trainees are great! We're doing our best to make training F-U-N.

It's not raining too much here, but last night the rain was of Old Testament proportions. The weekend in Agra and Delhi we just went on was super fun!! I'll post more pictures, but here's one of the view of Powai Lake from my hotel room.


Mary said...

62 and sunny here. It rained nicely for a short time yesterday. Jon was on a mission to make the tomato soup from Christo's, so we did that together. We had a little incident with the blender, which only added to the fun! We will make it for you when you get home. Wait, do you even like tomatoes?
You are looking beautiful as usual!
Lovve, Mom oxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Cindylou said...

Glad you're not getting too much rain, except for that outrageous one. You look like you are having a good time and a great experience Abbe. Came home from the cabin last night. Lots of fishing and r & r. Look forward to your pictures honey.

Love you,

Cindy :)