Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well here I am, in India! I don't have much more to report than you might expect from one's first 24 hours of travel to and in Mumbai:

  • Smooth flights

  • Luggage claim lasting as long as the flights

  • Humidity bordering on a personality

  • Bumpy traffic best appreciated with eyes closed

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

Everyone is doing well, though we're completely time-inverted right now. (Not good when combined with troubleshooting computer setups!) Our part of training the new employees starts tomorrow, and we're hoping for a smooth go. Off to sleep!

p.s. There was a major solar eclipse here this morning, but no one in Mumbai could see it because of the clouds. I hear it was more visible in other cities.


Mary said...

Hi sweetie,

Mummy here. It just started raining here because I hung some wash out on the line! Sounds like everything is well in hand.

Loving you,

Mom xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxo

Cindylou said...

Hi honey,

I think Minneapolis is having sympathy pangs for you. Ever since you left for the monsoon season of India, it has finally started to rain here!

Be well. Keep in touch.

Much love,