Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello, my people!

Oh what to do, what to do when you're so maxed out that even the most exciting of movie topics (Vogue's The September Issue) isn't quite enough to keep you from yawning like a banshee and trying not to fall asleep in the theater?

When ONE prickly pear margarita threatens to send you to bed?

When you can't bear the thought of logging onto the network one more time today?

When Gus the Rooster alarm clock in the morning isn't even 1% funny?


Yes. And fold them. And put them in the linen closet.

This is therapy. Not that things are going badly at all. But there is something incredibly satisfying about a task started and finished and producing a lovely result in five minutes. So opposite to the mire of the billion work need-to's I'm juggling. My linen closet is like the popular kid right now--where it's at.

  • Days until the Twin Cities Marathon: 8
  • Months since I've swam: 2
  • Years since I was a young collegiate traipsing about France: 6
  • Pairs of neon green shoelaces I currently own: 1
  • Average daily wakeup time: 5:17am
  • Accounts I'm handling at work: 72
  • Max height of models on current season of America's Next Top Model: 5'7''
  • Times I've wanted a back rub during the last ten minutes: 10
  • Exciting Napa trips right around the corner: 1 (Yes!)

1 comment:

mnelson said...

Oh, goodness this brightened my day. Although our responsibilities are very different, though numerous, I too find much solace in the execution of random, household tasks. Mostly viciously vacuuming the entire upstairs in under an hour. It's workout too!
Miss and love you!
I hope one day we can both run the Twin Cities marathon together.