Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photos from a Wisconsin Wedding

We attended a totally cool wedding this weekend! Time to marry off another high school friend. I say that like I have more than two high school friends who are married. But still, the marriage circle has been complete, now that Mark and I are finally seeing our fellow bandie and dear friend make it official with such an awesome girl who wore a SUPER AWESOME thing in her hair for the occasion.

Ben and Melissa said their vows on a farm outside Red Wing and treated everyone to a good dose of Wisconsin cheese, California wine, and the Virginia Reel. Not a night soon forgotten! It turns out I'm a very expressive square dancer, in a good way. Sassy. My dance partner wasn't bad, either. Very good at Allemand Right/Allemand Left!


Mary said...

Oh Man! I love this!! I remember when you were all slips of pups and now look! It is nice to have such good friends. xoxoxoxox

mnelson said...

How fun! That's so exciting, and such an eccentric wedding!