Sunday, November 22, 2009

November Report

Hello! I have to apologize for a long absence. But that probably means I've been out on the town doing my thang. Much has gone on, and here is a brief recap:

1. Twin Cities Marathon
2. Trip to Northern California
3. Halloween - Gus in costume
4. New job!
5. 3-yr anniversary!!!

1. Twin Cities Marathon -
Quite the day. A learning experience. Not what I thought it would be. But I don't regret it at all. The good news is I beat last year's time, but only by the slightest of margins. The stars were just not aligned for an optimal day.

I basically had four race goals but only met two of them, the two that I thought would be givens. But that's what you learn in a marathon--some days, it just isn't happening. Luckily, the kind of constant hard effort put into preparation is just so much a normal part of my life now for anything I'm doing that I don't feel any "but I worked so hard!" kind of regret. It's just my style, so you just pause and reflect, allow yourself one "that was totally not fair" moment, then move on.

This will not be my last marathon - let's put it that way.

2. Trip to Northern California:
Micah and I went to visit Aunt Ann in Santa Rosa for a week and had a blast touring all the surrounding areas (coast, redwoods, wineries) in her zippy red Honda Fit. This trip was just a few days after the marathon - which gave us just enough time to recover our legs (which were truly gone, by the way) and invest in many fun outdoor activities involving hiking, most notably an endless trek up a winding hillside to find Jack London's elusive "lake," which turned out to be little more than a swampy pond at this point in time. But I'm sure it was just lovely in Jack London's day!

The wineries were also fun. We avoided the boisterous crowds and tour buses, and just dropped in on a few long enough to sample their offerings, bring a bottle back to Aunt Ann, and not develop any screwdriver-to-the-head wine hangovers. Because THOSE are fun!

3. Halloween - Gus in costume:
Gus as a hotdog. Little more need be said.

It should also be noted that I bought about 9lbs. too many of candy and I ended up being the Swedish Fish/Candy Corn girl at work.

4. New job!
As of Mon. 11/16, I have moved into a new role for the same company in its International division! Woot woot! As much as I loved where I was (well, minus the ridiculousless of what had been the current situation), I am really loving being in the center of the beehive of activity now!

The main office, for lack of a better description, is seriously buzzing. It's the kind of place that makes you feel like you should wear heels every single day. (Okay, not everyone will share that sentiment, judging from the range of what people apparently deem acceptable as work attire, but you get my point.) It makes ME feel like I should wear heels every single day.

Unfortunately though, after stomping around in my best-est heels for three straight days I seem to have done some damage to my foot. (I know, I KNOW; I don't want to hear it!) But this new daily transition from multi-story parking lot jungle to office in an inner layer of the building is much farther to walk than I ever had to before--so how was I to know? But believe me, you won't see this fille wearing running shoes for anything but running anytime soon.

5. 3-yr anniversary!!!
That's right, we're keeping it real. Micah and I celebrated three years of wonderful-ness on 11/18! Best Husband Ever Award. Looked at some wedding photos--I still can't get over the one where my bicep looks massive as I hug him.

So yes, things are moving. I went to the MCAD Art Sale yesterday with Muffy and was blown away of course. I'm sure they know it, but those students are so lucky to be able to have art be the thing they are supposed to be doing. Even if it involves merciless deadlines and extreme subjectivity.

When I was combing through stuff, I kept pulling out the same artists' creations without realizing it until I turned them over to see the artist name.
A few come to mind:

1. Nadia Alenov - photography - super-ethereal Russian churches and landscapes - reminded me of the photography exhibit Muffy, Mom, and I went to see at the Museum of Russian Art a while back of century-old photography commissioned by a tsar to showcase the country.

I love the juxtaposition of Crayola-colored onion-dome ornate churches and their being in the middle of freakin nowhere. It's like the ultimate polar opposite of US suburban sprawl--does that make sense to anyone besides me? It just came to mind.

2. Alex Chronowski - painting/prints - very much enjoy the colorful, semi-abstract stuff. I bought a mini painting that you could work into pretty much any environment. I could probably design a whole interior revolving around her work and some toile for contrast.

3. Kari Thomson - prints - creator of the crane origami how-to print I purchased, mainly because it was blue and I also love any art that is somewhat technical or diagram-like in nature. It will go great in our house.

4. And of course - MUFFAY! I wanted to buy all her stuff but she assured me I could get the Sister Discount: free prints of anything. I will be calling!

That's all for now!

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