Monday, March 22, 2010

Here it is, March 22nd

I am so bad at updating! But here I am again...and it's March...and a strange tabby cat has been sitting on our front steps lately. And Gus's body ridiculously conforms to any soft thing it comes in contact with.

What March Has Kind of Looked Like:

Band of the Moment: Gorillaz --new album Plastic Beach. Send me!

Food of the Moment: Fried polenta, rare steak, olives

Bad Habit of the Moment: Weeknight reality TV - as addicting as Minesweeper...almost

Hairstyle of the Moment: Long...almost superlatively

Sports Trend: Running instead of triathlons

Decor on Which I'm Fixated: Modern/clean, with a cabin/Ralph Lauren den/antique twist

Pet Peeve: When people write in block paragraphs in emails

Latest Home Improvement: Replaced psychotic oven

Next Home Improvement: The windows, baby

Upcoming Race: Trail Mix 25K at Hyland Hills (=15.5 miles) - 4/17/10

Names of Gus's Toys: Jason, Bennifer, Rope Dope, My Katie, to name a few

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mnelson said...

Still need to get the new Gorillaz album. I'm very curious. I saw a music video that involved fast cars, guns and.. oh yes. Bruce Willis. Miss ya!