Monday, March 29, 2010

Road Race!

Yesterday was the Human Race 8K on Summit Avenue. Super fun watching Micah lay down the hurt! He had a great race and somehow had enough composure to flash a smile as he flew by with 1/2 mile to go. (As I bellowed any words of encouragement I could think of besides my fabled "I LOVE YOU!" at the Chisago Lakes Half Ironman once.)

I've done the race the last two years but this year opted to be the backpack carrier, dog watcher, picture taker. Besides, showing up in a crowded place with a pug guarantees you'll get just about as many cheers and comments as runners do. Including the one that people never think gets old: "Is that him breathing? Ohhh! I can hear him from here!" I guess I forget I live with a diesel engine sometimes.

Here's Micah, having just crossed Fairview, with a girl in blue in sight. He did end up passing her.

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