Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trail Mix That You Don't Eat

Yesterday was Trail Mix at Hyland Hills!

I ran the 25K (15.5 mile) solo trail run and Micah ran as part of a four-person relay (50K total or 12.25K per person). There was also a 50K (31 mile) solo event, but seriously--who wants to do that?

It was a super fun race on a sunny day, and I ended up doing about as well as I could have imagined doing.

My course was two loops of major hills over grass, dirt, and mud that wound around Richardson Nature Center, a few lakes, and the rest of the Nordic ski trail area.

Normally the course includes a singletrack "goat path" up the back of the downhill ski area, up to the TOP of the ski area, and then you run down one of the ski slopes, but it got cut out this year because it was so muddy and precarious.

So, I finished 26th out of 101 women, and 129th out of 287 overall finishers with a time of 2:15:51. (8:46 mile pace.) My times for loops 1 and 2 were about even, which I was very pleased with because it's incredibly easy to go out too hard and then die on the 2nd loop.

And the best part is that I'm not sore! It's a pretty unforgiving course and if you haven't run a lot of hills in preparation, you'll be doing a peg-leg pirate dance afterwards for sure!

Micah's relay team got 2nd place, and was only out of 1st by about 30 seconds! They are some pretty fast dudes. Fun times in the outdoors!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay, Wow!

When you have a house that was built in 1925, it is often very humorous to, in retrospect, recall how small and easily solvable a house problem seems when you first notice it. And then after a couple hours of dainty plunging and then a more aggressively executed call to Roto Rooter (with Dad's diagnostic help in between), you realize the problem is about 20 times bigger than you thought.

Because in this case, a metal drain pipe that's 85 years old and FULL OF MUCK is probably not going to be fixed by a plunger!

Seriously, how did we have ANY drainage for the past four years?!

I realize this is actually pretty gross. But NOW, we have 21st century plastic pipes in place. ROCK ON.
In between gags over the pipes, Gus and I actually enjoyed a nice afternoon with Dad--fixed the garage door, pruned the backyard tree, and tried the new Coconut M&Ms. It was all I could do to keep Gus from basically curling up in Dad's lap while he was working under the sink.

Our tulips are in bloom! Lovely Friday.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs, Nelson Style

It's official. The Nelsons have once again made the most radical Easter eggs this side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Brought to you by such subjects as the exclamation point, the Target logo, a heart tessellation gone bad, and a cartoon-faced kitten. And man in suit and tie (not visible)--3rd from L, front row. That's awesome, Dad!!