Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay, Wow!

When you have a house that was built in 1925, it is often very humorous to, in retrospect, recall how small and easily solvable a house problem seems when you first notice it. And then after a couple hours of dainty plunging and then a more aggressively executed call to Roto Rooter (with Dad's diagnostic help in between), you realize the problem is about 20 times bigger than you thought.

Because in this case, a metal drain pipe that's 85 years old and FULL OF MUCK is probably not going to be fixed by a plunger!

Seriously, how did we have ANY drainage for the past four years?!

I realize this is actually pretty gross. But NOW, we have 21st century plastic pipes in place. ROCK ON.
In between gags over the pipes, Gus and I actually enjoyed a nice afternoon with Dad--fixed the garage door, pruned the backyard tree, and tried the new Coconut M&Ms. It was all I could do to keep Gus from basically curling up in Dad's lap while he was working under the sink.

Our tulips are in bloom! Lovely Friday.

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Mary said...

The fun never ends!