Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Battle with the Label Maker

Too narrow. T o o w i d e. Tape runs out. LMS = Label Maker Sabotage, apparently.

Also known as "I am the most user unfriendly device ever created...
and I don't care if you went to college."

In the rare moment that I'm not contributing proactively to the betterment of society, I am troubleshooting the impish spawn of the early 90s computer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dessert and a Great Race

While someone has been sleeping, dare I say, a bit languidly on every Ikea surface he can find, I have been almost losing sleep trying not to waste a single day of June: the shortest month of the year, enjoyment-wise.
What I brought home from the Mpls Farmer's Market on Saturday:
1. Strawberries from Waverly, MN
2. Snow pea greens ("Living dangerously for a dollar!")
3. Jalapeno pickles ("Living dangerously for three dollars and twenty cents!")
4. Rhubarb

The best thing about the strawberries might be their color contrast with the container. Love in a recycled paper receptacle.

Strawberries and rhubarb becoming strawberry-rhubarb crisp. The house smelled so good!!!

The finished product. Micah and I both made attempts at cutting what was the consistency of thin oatmeal into right-angled portions. Probably to apply some restraint to the amount we ate in one evening. (Over half!) The situation might have been referred to as Gone in Sixty Seconds, or whatever that movie is called.

Sunday morning was the Minneapolis Half Marathon. It's only the 2nd year of the race, but it attracts a HUGE crowd. It was actually a full and a half marathon, and they both started at 7am.

The course started at the Downtown Mpls Depot, ran north and east on Broadway, south on Marshall/Main St., across the Stone Arch Bridge (which, by the way, is apparently unacceptable not to include in a downtown race since it's about the fourth race I've done that crosses this bridge), south to Bohemian Flats and further to Minnehaha Academy, and then an uphill finish in front of the Guthrie.
I wasn't sure how I was going to feel, but I was full of extra sleep hours and hydration and the weather was ideal, and I ended up feeling pretty great.

Here I am, running past the Red Cross building. I actually felt good enough to be smiling for most of the race. I did go a little on the conservative side because I didn't want to deal with the calf cramping that has plagued me some in the past. Hills and going out too fast can aggravate it. (Yes, I know about eating bananas, drinking coconut water, and all that calf cramp-preventing jazz. Which I partake in wholeheartedly.)

I'm convinced that everyone has a body part that is most susceptible to twinges, and this is mine. Kind of like how people are really sensitive to cold either on their ears, cheeks, neck, or whatever, and you never understand it when it's not your own thing.

So I was really happy with my result. This was my second half marathon, and the better of the two BY FAR. The first one was an out and back on Shepard Road on a craptastic freezing rain January day earlier this year, but the real reason it was a suck-it-upper was because I hadn't trained enough for it. There is NOTHING like planning and training diligently for something and then doing it how you want it done. If only everything else in life could be this easy.

Post-race at home with my peach-blueberry smoothie and a medal that looks like a pizza cutter. Regardless, I'm very proud to have placed 99th of 2196 women to earn my pizza cutter!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Highlights From the Business Trip

I'll spare you pictures of the conference center in which I spent most of my time in Chicago a couple weeks ago. Here are a few highlight shots from my trip! (Which was improved tenfold by getting to meet up with Camille, Melissa, and Ben.)

Yeah, right!