Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He's a maniac, MANIAC!

I know this blog is supposed to be all about me, but I couldn't resist recapping Micah's latest Half Ironman. Which went down in Chisago City on Sunday.

First, the used car salesman smile. It was supposed to be a flexing shot but I had my camera the wrong way and cut off the clenched fists.
Next, approaching the lake. Friends April and Ross on far left.
Posting a very impressive swim time. 7th or so guy out of the water? I could spot him hundreds of meters off due his somewhat distinctive Tarzanesque stroke when viewed head on.
Wetsuit strippers! Usually only found at the likes of the Ironman. He claims it was pure joy. Honestly it was really funny to watch.
Fast forward a couple hours to the end of the 56 mi. bike. He came flying in, looking peppy and wearing his signature SPF white ballet shrug thing on his arms. (You laugh now, but this is a major investment for a ginger kid triathlete on a sunny day.)
The start of the run. (Right after I yelled "I love yoooou!" in jest - reminiscent of my cheering efforts at this race in 2008.) What? I couldn't think of anything else to say at the time. Micah said he'd definitely smile this year if I yelled it again.

His buddy Ross flatted and DNF'd on the bike but joined Micah for the 13.2 mi. run and kept him company. Micah was extremely confused to see him standing there waiting for him.
Fast forward through the run to the end. I started The Zookeeper's Wife while he was running but naturally resumed my hawk-like anticipation of his return into the park once my watch said this dang better be over soon...not for me , but in knowing what a good race time would be for him.

Before I could get any worried he came into view. And of course then I started yelling at him again to "COME ON!" as he shot up to through the park to the uphill finish.

I bet this was refreshing.
Don't look so nonchalant! You just had a great race! Good for 14th overall.
So awesome.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Dog, King of the Logical

This is a shining example of where our dog likes to sit these days.

Yep, right down thar near the small of your back. I'm sure it's incredibly comfortable for him and in his mind a genius move, but Gus, fer the love! It's like shoving a toaster--a sneezing one--in between you and your back support. He is undeterred if extracted from this position and will reset in a matter of seconds.

But he sure looks happy, and I bet he wonders why he didn't think of this years ago.

In other news, Gus had his second all-day explosion of unbridled dog glee at NowBoarding near the airport yesterday.

You can pay $25 to drop your dog off in the morning and pick him up by 6pm. There, he is treated to nonstop play with lots of other dogs in a very impressive facility that includes little kid plastic slides and other things we think dogs like. They even have a huge therapeutic spa tub for the dogs, if they are so in need.

We have done this with Gus now on two random Fridays, just to see what it's about, and to assess its potential as a longer-term boarding option for trips if needed. Since the alternative--staying with family--undoubtedly drives my brothers over the edge. I can't imagine what they find distracting about a pug's snorting and staring and Tasmanian Devil spin-style love attacks when they're trying to do something as civilized as read on the couch.

Anyway, yesterday after we picked Gus up (the sole pint-sized wonder left amid a sea of yellow labs), he spent about five more minutes in our presence at fever pitch and then devolved into a puddle of droopiness bordering on total malaise, which has continued into this morning. "It was like the dog park times 100 and I couldn't stop!" $25 well spent.

Wednesday we celebrated Muffy's birthday--22! Much more casual and non-opportunistic-sounding than 21, in her opinion. I agree.

And what better way to celebrate than mini desserts @ $1 each.

I have to include this picture because it's so...Muffy. Could this not be a coffee ad? Bon anniversaire, ma soeur!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the Track

56 days until Ironman! Micah running a 400 this morning.

The best part might be the Poe-esque crowing at 0:41.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday - A Photo Montage

Yesterday I turned the big 2-8, and it was great! Here are some pictures from a wonderful day.

Lovely fragrant flowers on my desk at work from a girlfriend!
{After a fab morning swim set at Hopkins that included 1200yds @20:00--oof}

Lunch at the newly redone Colette at the Sofitel {the lunch special}

The Afternoon Party Squad

Opening gifts in a very chic Sofitel lounge enclave

Mom & me

The Evening Party Squad {dog not pictured}

Yep, feels like home!

Fun gifts from thoughtful/awesome husband
{a 50mm 1:2 Macro lens!}...

...which allows me to take photos like this...

...or this!...

...or really, even nose hairs...

And then I immediately came back inside from taking this picture of my one potted plant because it was a thousand degrees out.

And then we watched So You Think You Can Dance. Because I've gladly surrendered my attention to this kind of amazing show. It's like American Idol for dancing, but way better. Just YouTube "Alex Wong Outta Your Mind." {Yes, the secret's out: I love watching--and occasionally DOing hip-hop dancing.}

It was truly a wonderful birthday. I can't think of anything better than spending the day with my family and doing not one, not two, but LOTS of fun things!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surprise Party

I guess you could say I "shot" my first party last night in Wisconsin! Ah, summer.

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