Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday - A Photo Montage

Yesterday I turned the big 2-8, and it was great! Here are some pictures from a wonderful day.

Lovely fragrant flowers on my desk at work from a girlfriend!
{After a fab morning swim set at Hopkins that included 1200yds @20:00--oof}

Lunch at the newly redone Colette at the Sofitel {the lunch special}

The Afternoon Party Squad

Opening gifts in a very chic Sofitel lounge enclave

Mom & me

The Evening Party Squad {dog not pictured}

Yep, feels like home!

Fun gifts from thoughtful/awesome husband
{a 50mm 1:2 Macro lens!}...

...which allows me to take photos like this...

...or this!...

...or really, even nose hairs...

And then I immediately came back inside from taking this picture of my one potted plant because it was a thousand degrees out.

And then we watched So You Think You Can Dance. Because I've gladly surrendered my attention to this kind of amazing show. It's like American Idol for dancing, but way better. Just YouTube "Alex Wong Outta Your Mind." {Yes, the secret's out: I love watching--and occasionally DOing hip-hop dancing.}

It was truly a wonderful birthday. I can't think of anything better than spending the day with my family and doing not one, not two, but LOTS of fun things!

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