Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He's a maniac, MANIAC!

I know this blog is supposed to be all about me, but I couldn't resist recapping Micah's latest Half Ironman. Which went down in Chisago City on Sunday.

First, the used car salesman smile. It was supposed to be a flexing shot but I had my camera the wrong way and cut off the clenched fists.
Next, approaching the lake. Friends April and Ross on far left.
Posting a very impressive swim time. 7th or so guy out of the water? I could spot him hundreds of meters off due his somewhat distinctive Tarzanesque stroke when viewed head on.
Wetsuit strippers! Usually only found at the likes of the Ironman. He claims it was pure joy. Honestly it was really funny to watch.
Fast forward a couple hours to the end of the 56 mi. bike. He came flying in, looking peppy and wearing his signature SPF white ballet shrug thing on his arms. (You laugh now, but this is a major investment for a ginger kid triathlete on a sunny day.)
The start of the run. (Right after I yelled "I love yoooou!" in jest - reminiscent of my cheering efforts at this race in 2008.) What? I couldn't think of anything else to say at the time. Micah said he'd definitely smile this year if I yelled it again.

His buddy Ross flatted and DNF'd on the bike but joined Micah for the 13.2 mi. run and kept him company. Micah was extremely confused to see him standing there waiting for him.
Fast forward through the run to the end. I started The Zookeeper's Wife while he was running but naturally resumed my hawk-like anticipation of his return into the park once my watch said this dang better be over soon...not for me , but in knowing what a good race time would be for him.

Before I could get any worried he came into view. And of course then I started yelling at him again to "COME ON!" as he shot up to through the park to the uphill finish.

I bet this was refreshing.
Don't look so nonchalant! You just had a great race! Good for 14th overall.
So awesome.

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