Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aqua Fun and Ikea Wins Again

This is going to be so awesome

Singing the unsung praises of the Aqua Jogger. It's usually only taken up by people after injury strikes, but I'm excited to make this Workout Type #4 after running, biking, and swimming even if I'm fine. Options!

And, I don't know how I always forget that procuring furniture from Ikea involves assembly.
Attach pug to board with the 10mm flat head brackets....

I love Ikea furniture because it tends to be small like the proportions of our house. But the buzz kind of dies when you remember that it won't be of any use until you put it together. Put it together using wordless picture instructions that can be so exasperating that I have most certainly had to walk away from them on numerous occasions in a huff...and allow myself to return only after I've had a snack.

Then, just when you have everything in place to do kung fu on Step 1, stealthy dog appears out of nowhere and into personal workspace, dropping a sock toy silently next to your hand, licking part of what will eventually be a shelf, tripping through piles of screws carefully sorted by type, ultimately facing you expectantly to please play now.

All to say that I have succeeded in assembling an Ikea dresser and playing with a dog at the same time.

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