Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

140.6 Miles

Micah did his first Ironman this weekend in Madison! A Turman first. And he did GREAT.

A montage, if you will:
-4am wakeup call
-Swim strategy worked: did not get kicked in the face
-High-fived mother after the swim
-6-person entourage...Family Circus!
-Megaphone hard at work; siren set off accidentally only twice
-Texas flag flown
-Stepped in pothole while photographing
-Knights of Columbus coffee, donuts, and brats
-Full pickup truck roving farmland point-to-point to cheer
-GPS working overtime
-Sprinting full speed from one end of Monona Terrace to the other to view both Bike In and Run Out
-Lake Mendota with sailboats to the right, runners blowing up at Mile 17 to the left
-State Street: marathon spectating...with pizza and bathrooms
-Videography and photography simultaneously, resulting in some great footage of pavement
-Did smooch count as illegal outside assistance?
-Salty, salty, salty
-A smiling Micah at most of the 11 times I saw him

What can I say? I'm pretty proud!






Saturday, September 4, 2010

Plum Tarte Tatin

'Tis the season!

Unfortunately Mr. Snarf Snarf came up short on scraps

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Next Madonna

In what might be described as the least likely place to find me, I ended up at a Lady GaGa concert last night. And it was incredible.

I am not a concert person, a late weeknight person, and certainly not a lose-your-voice, spend $40 on a concert t-shirt fan person. Which is all the more reason to give it all up occasionally, dance your butt off, and wake up five hours later for morning swim practice.

You didn't even have to like her music to enjoy the was engaging, exciting, uplifting. And I am having a hard time deciding which I found more amazing: the flaming piano (being played) or the flaming bustier (being worn). Love her or hate her, at least she's interesting.
Lynn and me: we first stormed the streets of Dijon together. Now we miss storming the streets of Dijon together and go to Lady GaGa concerts instead. I'm so glad she asked me to go! A fab exclamation point to a summer of random adventures.