Tuesday, September 14, 2010

140.6 Miles

Micah did his first Ironman this weekend in Madison! A Turman first. And he did GREAT.

A montage, if you will:
-4am wakeup call
-Swim strategy worked: did not get kicked in the face
-High-fived mother after the swim
-6-person entourage...Family Circus!
-Megaphone hard at work; siren set off accidentally only twice
-Texas flag flown
-Stepped in pothole while photographing
-Knights of Columbus coffee, donuts, and brats
-Full pickup truck roving farmland point-to-point to cheer
-GPS working overtime
-Sprinting full speed from one end of Monona Terrace to the other to view both Bike In and Run Out
-Lake Mendota with sailboats to the right, runners blowing up at Mile 17 to the left
-State Street: marathon spectating...with pizza and bathrooms
-Videography and photography simultaneously, resulting in some great footage of pavement
-Did smooch count as illegal outside assistance?
-Salty, salty, salty
-A smiling Micah at most of the 11 times I saw him

What can I say? I'm pretty proud!






1 comment:

Benjamin said...

Great shot on the bike! You could use that for an ad for a green energy company or something!