Sunday, October 31, 2010

Notes on Halloween Weekend

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a shot I picked up at the Lady Gaga concert a couple months ago. My favorite thing going on is the Adidas paired with the teddy bears. It really grounds the outfit.

We will definitely have trick-or-treaters tonight. I should probably take a tally of costumes--the paper said Chilean coal miner and of course Lady Gaga are hot this year.

Micah ran the Monster Dash Half Marathon yesterday that went from Lake Nokomis to Lake Calhoun and finished at Lake Harriet. 86th out of 3600! Gus wore his bumblebee costume and got photographed multiple times by multiple official race photographers. Call it exploitation on my part, but really, I think we warmed a lot of hearts out there. Only the grinchiest Grinch doesn't break into a wide smile at the sight of a small dog with expressive eyebrows dressed as an even more diminutive creature.

The closest thing we've gotten to a horror movie this weekend would be watching Precious last night. I would consider chainsaws tame in comparison. And that's enough on that.

Gus's costume for this evening is undecided. We can reprise the bumblebee with now-tattered wings, or pull out the police man or the hot dog. Or a bumblebee police man. Notice that we stopped at three year's worth of costumes and are now recycling. Tonight's choice will, of course, depend on his mood. If I were to decide at this moment, I'd say static cling...with a dash of hot dog.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Or shall I say the UK? Or Great Britain, considering Ireland wasn't part of the trip. And Great Britain only becomes the UK with the addition of Ireland. A little known fact!

We had a fabulous fall vacation, and by the end I was thinking with a British accent. Much less pretentious than trying to talk with one. It's just that when you hear "Train to Caah--diff," well, Cardiff just has to be Caah-diff.

Once again I will cheer for visiting Europe not in the summer. The fall is a million times better! Even if fall in London means you step in at least one ridiculous puddle and walk around in sopping wet charcoal gray tights for the rest of the day. Overall we had better than average weather!

In addition to London, we visited Oxford, Wales, and the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, which is basically London but felt like a different place. However, we did see a lot more in London than I imagined. Starting with Sutton Hoo at the British Museum--Google it. It's hard not to fall in love with a good archaeology excavation story.

Here are some pictures from vacay:

Tower of London!
Supposedly one of the most haunted sites in the city. And there are lots of cat-sized ominous-looking crows to remind you of that! Also home of the Crown Jewels. Now there's some heavy lifting.

After lunch at the Orangery outside Kensington Palace. We went to a very interesting and enigmatic? exhibit in the palace about all of the princesses who have lived there over time. It was half in the dark...not really sure why.

Trains! Love em. Especially compared to Slowey McSlowerson buses that require no less than one hour just to get OUT of London

Cardiff waterfront!
In a bilingual country. Where Welsh and English are displayed on all signage. The Welsh W is actually a vowel, which explains their total proliferation. Cardiff was the place to go when dodging people in London (who can't decide whether to veer left or right when approaching oncoming people traffic) gets old. It's still a big town but not all hectic-like

Ah, romance, if you will, at the Prime Meridian.
Then we ate at a Chinese restaurant
That's all for the moment.... Definitely enjoyed watching Midsomer Murders on BBC, eating Galaxy chocolate, shopping for groceries at Waitrose, oh, and ogling every last corner of Liberty of London. I could eat that store it's so cute. Signing off for now!