Sunday, January 2, 2011

18 Weeks

Here we are, 18 weeks! Already and finally. 16 to 17 went quickly, but 17 to 18 did not. Maybe because even numbers sound more official than odd ones?

Are you feeling decent?
Yes! One fragment of wisdom, though: even if you've been able to eat pretty much anything including spicy foods the whole time, don't reach for real Coke. Four words: acid indigestion may strike. One isolated incident later, I've learned my lesson. Back to ginger beer.

Are you showing?
As evidenced above, yes. Not crazy yes, but it's still there. The photo was taken after eating a big meal at Longfellow Grill, so it might be exaggerated somewhat. (Side note: I love how our waiter at the restaurant on New Year's Eve goes "Oh, this is all you're doing tonight? Just going out to eat?" [at 6pm] "Well yes, after this we're going to go home and stare at the wall." For the record, we watched like three movies after dinner and I feel just fine about it.

I digress.

Are you fitting into your clothes?
Kind of. Depends which clothes we're talking about. Most things like shirts, workout attire, fine. But not pants. I must have been looking the other way when my abdomen suddenly expanded an extra couple of inches. This means my pants never close without assistance anymore. Assistance in the form of hair binders strategically used as expansion bungees, or the Bella Band, the wearing of which is sometimes is just as ridiculous as the fact that you're still trying to wear a certain pair of pants that should have been sent to the Doesn't Fit box a long time ago. (Because it really looks natural when you try to cover the ENTIRE zipper area with something stretchy because no part of the zipper will go up. I never wear shirts inexplicably pulled all the way down over my butt a la American Eagle 12 year-old, so why start now?)

Enter leggings. My alternative title for this post was "Tights and Tights," (you know, like the band Tapes and Tapes?) because they are my theme song. Tights, leggings, and dare I utter jeggings, have been great 2nd trimester companions. Plus, it's winter, so all anyone sees you wearing is your jacket and boots anyway.

But all this said, I am doing just fine with Project Bodily Expansion. It's completely different from weight changes experienced when not pregnant. Yes, I know I haven't hit the 3rd trimester yet when I'm sure to feel balloonish, but right now it just seems like "Well yeah, there's the stomach," and it's an exciting progression to watch.

Ha! In the dreams of my early 20s, I totally thought I'd be settled on a name at nearly halfway through a pregnancy. Not so. Every time you think you like a name, suddenly there's a knocked-up cheerleader on Glee that people will forever associate with it, or it's part of the brand name of a line of children's TOILET SEATS, or it turns out to be someone's pet ferret. And as for the classics, you already say "Jake who?" when you talk about one of the 27 Jakes in your life, so is it reasonable to add a 28th? And don't get me started on how apparently every little boy name (or girl name) now has to end in "-son." (???)

Obviously I'm name-weary right now. BUT, we're hoping that Little Turman will be compliant at our ultrasound on 1/13 and help definitively narrow our options by 50%. Then the careful consideration can really begin.

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Mom/Mary Jo said...

Every time I read this, I am laughing out loud at the good humor! I think you have a future as a stand up comic!!