Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 Weeks

Here we are, 50% plus 5% of the way there! Feeling good, feeling...cold (obviously), but feeling good. It goes without saying that it's been achingly freezing outside. However I'm succeeding so far at not letting it get me down. Plenty of other things to think about. And let's be honest: streaming Netflix in the winter is a mood booster in and of itself. Anyone seen Hoarders?!

Am I still running? Yes. Before you starting wondering, "Should she be doing that?", know that a) It's not more than 2 times a week, b) It's pretty pedestrian, and c) It's still comfortable. It's similar to aerobic steady state while carrying a large medicine ball...through sand.

Oh, and d) I'm super careful about the terrain. Luckily we have some really nicely groomed paths just down the street along the river. So far I haven't run into any ice on these, and honestly, since my out-and-back route is pretty short and routine, there's only a short distance of path to actually be concerned about.
A vision of warmth:
1 pair spandex tights
1 pair running pants over spandex
1 tank top thingy
1 long-sleeve wicking shirt
1 lightweight winter layer
1 lightweight maternity winter layer
1 balaclava
1 thing covering the mouth
1 hat
1 pair of Antarctic-rated mittens
1 pair wool socks
1 pair regular running shoes

So yes, I'm still running in the sense that I'm still putting one foot in front of the other and breathing fresh air, but no in the sense that I'm not putting up big miles or going fast. It just makes me feel really good to be outside--even when it's insano cold--and a little bit goes a long way in maintaining core strength. Surprisingly, the first thing to go when you stop running is just the plain strength in the abs and arms. Knowing that a little jog now and then can maintain that is a huge motivator to keep it up. It's not anything to do with keeping them toned, but just strong. I also want to put off losing shin strength from weight-bearing exercise as long as possible. No matter what, I know I'll be taking a break from it eventually; I'd just prefer it be 10 weeks instead of 10 months. Until then, I'll just keep on donning copious layers of smart fabrics and heading outside. At least I don't have to worry about overheating!

Other than running, I'm still swimming 2x per week, biking 2-3x per week, and taking the occasional trek around the neighborhood on foot. I'm still doing something every day and it seems to go a long way in easing pregnancy symptoms. It's not an obsession for working out or tied to a fear of gaining weight by any means, but what I see as a small way for me to commit to the well-being of the baby before she's actually here. Regular exercise grows a healthier and more efficient placenta for passing on oxygen and nutrients, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, relieves maternal stress, etc. The fact that this baby measured 20.5 weeks at 19.5 weeks has helped me affirm that my activity is not a detriment to her. And if it was, I'd stop immediately.

The latest: from the front, an optical illusion. Perhaps just ate a big meal.

From the side: yep, that's definitely a passenger.
In other news, call it nesting or whatever you like, but I've gotten particularly obsessed with organizing the house. For those who don't know, Micah generally fixates on daily cleaning, while I generally fixate on tossing, sorting, and reorganizing.

My latest feat: the corner of the basement we call the pantry. I wish I had a "before" picture, but here is the "after." Is there anything like shelving to make things seem more manageable?! Seriously, if anyone doesn't know what to get me for my birthday, just buy me shelving.

Back to the Hoarders show I mentioned. If you ever want to get really fired up about cleaning your house, watch this show. Preferably while cleaning. It's so intense that you're wincing and gasping and hardly believing people can't throw things away. Even the hair their dogs have shed. I'll tell you it certainly helped me get rid of about 50% of the miscellaneous paperwork under our roof. And a bunch of other stuff. We need to start making room for ______!