Friday, January 14, 2011

Houston, We Have a Girl

In what might be described as the most anticipated 30 minutes ever, we finally got to have a look at our little person. Rather, our little girl! And it was totally awesome.

The sonographer took lots of different pictures and even did one in 4D, which I thought you could only get at one of those fancy non-medical 4D facilities. But it's probably better I didn't know I was going to walk away with 8 different pictures...because I probably would have exploded in an anticipation even greater than the one already possessing me.

So here she is! They took all the usual measurements (e.g. head circumference, femur length, amniotic fluid amounts) and everything looked fine. And the four-chambered heart was indeed there, beating at 153bpm. The range is usually about 110-170. It was so cool to see her moving around a ton and putting her tiny hands up by her face. It's also cool to be able to say "she" and "her" now.
I actually started feeling kicking last Sunday. A day after I told someone I hadn't felt anything yet and wouldn't be surprised if it were another month. Since then I've felt little--and sometimes big--kicks every day, usually while in some sort of seated position, like sitting at my desk at work, driving, or reading in bed. Something about it cracks me up. It's so subtle and yet the biggest forces she generates in a day of virtually constant movement.

So there you have it! XX! And I think she's cute.


Mom/Mary Jo said...

Very cute. That was just an amazing experience!

mnelson said...

EEP! I am so excited about her!