Saturday, January 29, 2011

Race Spectating

Today I spectated at the Securian Half Marathon in St. Paul. To me this is probably the hardest half marathon to train for...because it's in January. Which is fine and objectively achievable, but who wants to be doing 90 minute runs when it's 10 below? Last year I did this race but didn't put in sufficient volume because of the weather and ended up paying for it in the form of a slow and rather painful performance. This year however, Micah took on the challenge and did much better with consistent training and a great end result.

I did still get a good workout out there today. Why? First, because I did my own run while I was waiting to see Micah pass by. Second, because the race directors--for no reason other than apparent mis-management--cut the race short by a mile, moving the turnaround point at the 7 mi. marker to a totally different location, thus leaving a handful of spectators (myself included) at the original 7 mi. marker waiting for runners to arrive who were being turned around a half mile earlier. Nice. And the only reason I found out is because a guy I know who wasn't competing just happened to run by and tell me he'd just seen Micah "back there."

*Bullet train-like transition down W. 7th St. into downtown. Andale!* Two detours, a parking ramp, and a seven block run/walk scamper through the skyway later, I managed to arrive just in time to capture Micah running around the LAST turn to the finish.
And he had a great race! Here is Mustard with his friend Ketchup. Oh, kidding. Vive la Minnesota!

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