Friday, February 25, 2011

Muffy Wuz Here

Time to brag on my sister. It's not every day one's artwork ends up in a museum.
Check it out

7002 submissions. 205 chosen. Top 2%, people!

On display at the American Museum of Illustration in NYC in May. The only thing keeping me from going is my midwife-issued mandate not to travel outside the city after mid-March.

A copy of this piece is going up in the nursery.

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Pharmie said...

Wow! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really think we are neighbors (at least close). I am due June 11 and am DEFINITELY in the market for a new running partner since all of mine are now too fast for me. :) Small world - Micah finished just behind Steve in the winter carnival half. Shoot me an email sometime if you want. I'm at