Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Weeks

That's right, 30!

Which can only mean that Husband has been hard at work assembling and installing things and now has Band-Aids on his hands from the manual labor. (Something about a power drill?)

I don't actually look this tired most of the time. I think my mascara was just smeared. I usually look much perkier.

So here's the baby! I've spent the last few weeks with one or both of her feet propped neatly against my belly button. The upside-down snoozer. Naturally, I now have an outie. And if this photo weren't cut off, it would be more apparent that my normal shirts are on the verge of joining the rest of my Doesn't Fit clothes in storage. I feel like she's grown like crazy since 28 weeks!

Baby Gear: Engage!
One great thing that happened this week was receiving our infant car seat and stroller as a gift from family in Texas. How great is this? If we had nothing else ready, this would be the thing to have. We still have to do the whole "get it properly installed in your car" thing, but at least we figured out all the parts that snap to each other.

What's even better: if it turns out our sonographer was 100% wrong and we end up with a boy, the color still works!  Note: baby gear can apparently swallow whole rooms in your house. Here it is filling no less than half of our dining room. 

Here's our Family of 3 portrait from the other week. 

What is She Up To?
So I have to say, at 30 weeks, I'm still feeling great. Even light on my feet. I had another checkup today, and the baby is still head-down and measuring on track for gestation. I've really felt her growth pick up since 28 weeks. But that's what you read about the 3rd trimester: all the parts are there; now they just need to chub out.

With this growth has come of lot of fetal movement, but fewer kicks and more swoops and swishes. And it all seems to be more constant throughout the day now versus just late at night or early in the morning. Some days are quieter than others, and then on some days I've gotten some pretty healthy jabs or series of kicks where it's like, "What is going on in there? Are you trying to dig your cell phone out of the bottom of your purse?"

On that note, Micah did ask me a few weeks ago what I thought was a good age to give a kid his or her own cell phone. I honestly don't know. By the time this baby is ambulatory and conversational, the societal standard could be like three years old.

I've also noticed that with the growth of the baby, my stomach seems to be shrinking and I get the food-baby feeling pretty quickly if I eat a big meal or even part of one. We grabbed dinner at Noodles the other night before Expedition Number Seven to Ikea, and I was pretty much thrown down by the Indonesian Peanut Saute and had to take half of it home.

I'm still running with Pharmie, which has been great. We ran in bitter wind, thunder, and *distant* lightning (but no ice) last week, the night before the Slap in the Face Ice Snow of March 2011. I'm pretty sure we were the only two pregnant women in the metropolitan area doing so. And of course if were weren't, SHOW YOURSELF. For the record, it was definitely not to prove anything and wasn't in in any way dangerous, just a frolic in craptastic March weather that most would certainly turn down. If there's anyone who can handle a cold, blustery wind, it's a pregnant woman in the third trimester!

I just (finally) switched to my road bike so I'm in a slightly more upright position while I bike. However, the saddle on this bike is totally different and I think I'll need a few rides to get used to it. My time trial bike has a split saddle that I've really gotten to like, and my road bike saddle is more standard-shaped. For some reason it makes me feel the need to take more trips to the WC, but maybe it's just a phase. At any rate, I certainly can't bike in aero position anymore, what with how it's like playing reverse Whack-A-Mole with my belly.

The To-Do List and Me
As I've relayed to a few already, I can take down a to-do list with one hand. So I actually feel ahead of what BabyCenter and The Bump are telling me are my preparation milestones. "Start to think about the details of your maternity leave?" Um, yeah, like three months ago. While we don't have everything done,  I'm not particularly overwhelmed by what's left because I know it will all happen. So I get a little antsy and start cleaning out the spice cabinet. Things like that.

At this stage, the challenge is not knowing whether you have six, ten, or twelve weeks left. Or any other number of weeks. It's like signing up for a triathlon and not knowing when it is or whether it's a sprint or an Ironman, or what the conditions will be.

At this point, it's too early to tell anything. I'm certainly not showing any signs of going early or having to be on bed rest. So I guess I'll just keep nesting the heck out of everything for now!

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