Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They Leave Me No Choice

So I'm getting bigger. Rather, the baby is getting bigger. And I need a new swimsuit. 

However, my trusty Dolfin suits from don't go up another size. (I know, how ludicrous is that.) So what do I do? Search the site for maternity swimwear.


For real? First, any swimsuit modeled with a cowboy hat is destined for doom. Never mind the fact that I may as well have searched for maternity swim dresses. Ugh! 

Forget about the third trimester slowing you down; swimming in one of these "things" alone would provide enough drag to power a small community if properly hooked up.

I'll admit, there are a few on there that don't look like casual wear worn by Houston socialites. But why would I want to pay $65 plus shipping for the World's Most Ho-Hum Black One Piece? Not cheap! Talk about markup on something just because it's maternity.

So they really leave me no choice. I turn to the Dolfin Uglies 2-piece. Not maternity, but certainly makes a moot point out of the abdominal section. And it's only $25. 

Not everyone's cup of tea. But there is a certain joy in a swimsuit situation not involving contortion or undeniable discomfort. I've worn my new suit to the pool a few times now and so far no one's given me a weird look. I promised myself I wasn't going to start slinking into the pool wrapped in a towel once I started looking unmistakably pregnant, and instead have committed just to act as I normally would, as a wise friend suggested is always the best policy.

At this point all I really care about is being comfortable...and I definitely wouldn't be in a psychedelic muu muu. Certainly not for $117.95!

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