Monday, April 25, 2011

34 Weeks

We have now entered the Land of 34 Weeks. This is definitely the real thing!

Signs are pointing to Imminent Baby. Not in a pre-term sense, but definitely in a 6 weeks away sense. We had a good appointment today and the baby is doing some A+ growing. I also think she's subliminally demanding I eat fruit all the time!

I also learned today through some hearty dancing on her part on the way home from work that she really likes Saves the Day. (Yay for the music of the old college rowing days!)

Though I'm not anywhere near incapacitated with child, I've had a few brushes with yes, you are pregnant that haven't been the most enjoyable. But nothing I can't handle if labeled "short term."

The Big Three: 
1. Backache
Excuse me?! Where did YOU come from? Here I go my whole life with nary a twinge and suddenly the watermelon I'm transporting is pulling my muscle fibers in directions they didn't know existed. The chair I sit in at work has only seemed to exacerbate it.

And through this I've learned something about myself at work: I'm really good at taking mental breaks but I'm really bad at taking physical breaks where I actually get up and walk around. So I'm trying to take more of those. And for some reason, sitting on a backless stool is more comfortable than a basic chair. Someone please explain this.

At home, a heating pad (rice sock) seems to help a lot. And to this I say "Extra-Strength Tylenol, why do you not do your job like the rice sock?"

2. Sciatica
Well, there goes my plan to keep sleeping on my left side every night like a good pregnant person. After months of doing so, it suddenly KILLS and I'm waking up at 3am trying to kick a kink out of my hip that's unkickable. And it's an actual pain thing, not a patience thing. I can handle having to go to the bathroom 20 times in one day (you think I'm kidding) because it's a basically a patience thing. But anything involving a nerve is a different story.

Luckily, getting as far away from the left side as possible (the right side) seems to be solving the issue. And I'm going to leave it at that until the right side doesn't work anymore. Then I'll just have to sleep in a sandbox--on my stomach--with a spot dug out for my stomach.

3. Toe Cramps
Well, this was a foe, but I think I've conquered it. High-potassium coconut water before bed. About 10oz. has more potassium than two bananas! Coconut water isn't the world's cheapest substance, but if someone appeared in the middle of the night (when I'm pacing the room trying to work a cramp out of my metatarsal with no success), I'm pretty sure I'd pay this person $2 each time to make it go away.

I guess this goes to show you how much pregnancy can alter your electrolyte balance, even when you're not dehydrated!

Beyond mention of these few minor inconveniences, I'm just glad I don't have heartburn or massive cankles. And frankly, the unseasonably cool weather has been kind of a blessing in disguise!

Baby Shower
My sisters threw me a really great baby shower last weekend. Everything was so well planned-out and had a beautiful touch to it--food, decor, everything.

It's now official: we've been Onesied. Can you really have too many?

Baby Room
One key item received at the shower was the crib bedding. (Thanks, Mom!) So on the crib it has gone! For now the bumper is kind of for show. The bumper issue is debatable--some sources say no way for early on, and then put it on later when the baby is older. I'm not sure yet, but for now it looks pretty.

Running and The Other Sports
By some miracle, I'm still able to run without much discomfort. Not super fast or super far, but enough to keep me from feeling crazy. It's actually pretty amazing how much even just a short run can balance things out in the mind. My plan is to keep up the runs until I *know* it's time to stop. Could be this week, could be weeks from now. We'll see! 

The indoor biking is also going well and I do it a couple times a week. Now that it's getting nicer out I occasionally find myself thinking how nice it would be to bike outside again, but I'm not about to do any form of exercise on any sort of simple machinery that ultimately requires a dismount...and isn't secured to the floor.

Swimming is going well, too. But I think my lane mates are starting to wonder if I'm going to go into labor during practice. Well really, people. It's not like I'm at that point yet. I've been really good about backing off from the hard stuff at practice and changing it up to keep my heart rate down when the sets get intense. It just feels good to swim.

So yes, the exercise is still happening! I'm also doing a fair amount of walking, much to Gus's delight. I kind of thought I'd be doing more Yoga-like stuff at this point, but honestly it just doesn't do it for me like it used to. 

Gus Gus
Monkey Boy is doing great. He thinks he's figured out what the Boppy pillow is ("a pug pillow!") and very much enjoys sleeping in it. I'm sure he'll be a little confused at first once there's a baby in the house, but he's pretty adaptable.

True to form, we had another Hallmark year of egg decorating. We figure there is enough Nelson art talent here to collectively get accepted into MCAD on one application.

Well, pretty soon the expiration date on the orange juice is going to be further out than this baby's due date! Think about THAT!

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