Tuesday, May 10, 2011

36 Weeks

We're in the home stretch now! Things are going well. I had a checkup yesterday that indicated that the baby has dropped! Not completely, but more than I had expected! I kind of felt like something seemed different in the last few days, even though I don't think I'm really sporting the "slid downhill" look yet. 

Engagement is measured on a -5 (not dropped) to 0 (at pelvis) to +5 scale (totally dropped). I am currently about a -1. The baby is measuring 35.5cm at 36 weeks, so she's right on track. Still pretty much sunny-side up, but I've been assured most babies turn into a more optimal position in the coming weeks. But if not, it's not the end of the world. For now, I'm still enjoying watching all the outward kicks!

It would be all too easy to think "I'm going early!" because the baby has started to drop, but the reality is that the process could take weeks! Regardless, I've been hit with a newfound sense of urgency to get things done at work, just in case. 

37 weeks is considered full-term, which for me would be 5/15. I have no real reason to think our 6/5 due date (okay, okay, "guess date") won't be reached, but I've just heard so many different stories from people (early/"on-time"/overdue) that my mind is swimming with scenarios, all possible.

So in my current state I'm not waddling yet, but I can see how people get there! It's kind of difficult to lean forward in a chair, but I can deal. I'm not sure if this signals an end to running yet. I ran on Saturday on the Gustavus campus before a triathlon Micah did and was fine--though a bit more awkward. I'm confident I'll know when it's time to stop. 

Today Gus and I went for a walk instead--on the first rather hot day in a long while. Pretty sure it's the first walk I've ever taken where I stopped to rest. Actually, it was a rest stop for Gus (who was panting like cray-zay), but I certainly didn't mind sitting down in the park with him! 

In other news, we attended TotSaver class (infant and child first aid/CPR) last night. 
  • Time allotted: 3 hours
  • Time actually required to cover crucial info? About 15 minutes, tops

I really could have been spared the ten-minute video on how to use an Epi-pen on a preteen, but the CPR info was good. All the dolls were little tots named Jupiter and the instructor was a total character, so at least it was good for a few entertaining moments! 

The instructor kept nodding toward me and "the little baby in that breadbasket," apparently to help distinguish me from the other "mother" in the room with her 5 week-old there. Right. The instructor was also deathly afraid of the technology in our conference room and at one point referred to PowerPoint as something we may not have heard of. 

So yes, I did just put the word mother in quotation marks. I guess technically I would be one now, but it also feels like jumping ahead a bit to say it. Which is why this Mother's Day still felt about everyone else to me, as it seemed like it should be. I'm SUPER excited about being a mom and have really enjoyed being pregnant, even in the third trimester. But of course in my overly cautious way, I don't want to take anything for granted that has yet to "happen," despite the fact that I have indeed been taking care of this baby for about nine months now. For now, "mom to be" sounds good.

And finally, what would an update be without a cute and/or semi-pathetic shot of Gus in rare comedic form? 

"Gus as Limp Puppet: 10pm."

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