Thursday, May 19, 2011

37 Weeks 4 Days

37…and a half weeks. Better update or people will think I went and had the baby!

No, I did not.

So far, this week has progressed uneventfully. On Sunday I felt like I was doing a full-on waddle across the Target parking lot, but since then my symptoms of Impending Baby have decreased. 

While this is probably to be expected at this point, it still is making me realize how close we are to meeting the wee bairn (thank you, Lady and the Tramp), which in turn makes me just a wee bit impatient.
Here I am at DSW buying Micah a year's worth of work shoes. 
Surely this counts as nesting.

The good news is I’ve been sleeping well and my aforementioned Top Three discomforts have hardly been an issue. I’ve had some sciatica—and this time it has truly shot down my leg all the way—but that has passed as well. In short, I only LOOK exceedingly pregnant and am eternally grateful that I haven't had any issues requiring bedrest or limited mobility. 

Okay, I take back "exceedingly pregnant" because apparently it's relative. The other day the guy dishing up the Chinese food in our work cafeteria asked me if I was due in August. 

" First week of June." 

We obviously don't travel in the same circles. 

Regardless, I certainly feel with child, but in a good way. 

So now I’m just trying to fill my time with things that seem worth doing. And truly, fewer things seem to be falling into that category. Of course magnified by the fact that anything that has truly required doing has pretty much been covered: installing car seat bases, attending childbirth classes, buying a few things to wear postpartum...and most importantly, becoming comfortable with the idea that whatever I think will happen in labor and delivery will probably get blown out of the water.

Can you tell I started baby preparation in the second trimester and not…RIGHT NOW? If I hear one more person say “Enjoy this time while you can!”, I’m going to start throwing pies. My bottom line is basically that I don't equate idleness with enjoyable. Yes, I could kick back and watch a bunch of way-too-long black and white movies from the 40s, that but really isn't me. 

It’s not like I constantly have to restrain herself from hoeing the fields. But let's be honest, there is a certain satisfaction in doing things that feel value-added. Or further, true leisure or inactivity in small doses. It’s not like I’ve done EVERYTHING possible at this point—I haven’t written a will, vacuumed up the dust bunnies under the bed, or renewed my driver’s license (which expires in two months). But I think it’s safe to say that these things are not in the NOW NOW NOW category.

And no, I haven’t frozen copious amounts of food. I probably should, but when it comes down to it, anything beyond the occasional frozen muffin kind of turns me off. What do you do with the big chunk of frozen food mass in the Tupperware when you’re not supposed to microwave Tupperware and the seeming alternative is to have the presence of mind to leave it out to thaw way before you actually want to consume it, or wait for it to thaw enough to be able to transfer it to a different container for cooking? And at which point you start to worry about food poisoning.

Obviously I’m not schooled in this area. And am making gross blanket statements. If you can’t tell already, we are not exactly a Side of Venison in the Deep Freezer kind of family. I guess I'm just confident that we're not going to starve if we don't have a year's worth of frozen stew at the ready.

So, it's been a little difficult to keep things in perspective and remind myself that the mere "17 days left," or even the unmentionable possible "31 days left" is really just that and not 17 or 31 years. I'm just so excited!

In other news, I'm still running and keeping up my usual workouts. When it comes to exercise, being this far into the pregnancy actually doesn't feel all that different than 15, 25, or 35 weeks.

Yes, it does feel like I'm running with a large rock in tow, but it's a rock I've been carrying around for a while now and has only gotten bigger gradually so I'm used to it. With running it doesn't feel bouncy like you might guess. The only late third trimester change would be the fact that a baby that has dropped does increase lower abdominal pressure and I stop to walk occasionally.

But overall, Pharmie and I have concluded that an ability to run this late in pregnancy can pretty much be chalked up to luck: either your body structure will support it or it won't. And that's a totally different conversation than one about fitness level.

On that note, I got my first running comment Tuesday night. (Only took 37 weeks to get there!) Pharmie and I were running up West River Road in the early evening when there were lots of cars slowly coasting along the parkway and stopping at a stop sign. One guy saw us jogging along and gave us a "Good job, moms."

Love it.

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Alex said...

Check out she has a whole section about freezer cooking.

That's awesome you can still run. I found your blog thru Pharmie's blog (I don't know her just a fellow blogger). I'm 19 weeks and hoping I can run through this whole pregnancy.