Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Baby's Room, Revealed

Here are some design details from our work-in-progress baby room!

It's been a fun project that has come together slowly. As I always say (mainly to myself...and to Micah when he sees me surrounded by piles of what appears to be chaos): "It needs to get messy before it all comes together."

So after many hours of gathering of loved objects, framing pictures, online scavenging, and digging through antique stores, this is what we've come up with! Enjoy!
L to R:
Red frame:, on clearance at Target, $1.99;
B/W zebra print from an old French textbook I got off the free shelf in college;
White frame: Ikea, $20;
Asterix et Obelix print:, $2.99
L to R:
Removed creaky closet door, replaced with white Shabby Chic Swiss dot panel from Target (not pictured), $19.99;
White wicker etagere: The Wicker Shop on Marshall Ave. in St. Paul;
White shelf and black brackets: Ikea;
Vintage aqua wastebasket with roses: The Antique Mall on Selby in St. Paul, $10
L to R:
"Gray Days," one of Muffy's senior MCAD pieces that won a couple awards (sisterly print privileges here);
Guadalajara sand art print from trip to Mexico with Aunt Ann, February 2010;
Black and jade green frame: from house growing up, was all jade green but colored it in with a Sharpie
Clockwise from top L:
Pat the Bunny: a classic. (Shower gift);

Finnish Moomin mobile: Flenstad Mobiles via, $45;

Vintage needlework by Grandma Mary (aka Nana): completed before I was born and was in my baby room;

White picture ledge: Ikea, photo of napping dog I took in Prague in 2003;
Deep blue egg from Mt. Sinai in Egypt: gift from Kathryn;
Silhouette/dragonfly print: another one of Muffy's senior MCAD prints
L to R:
Wood and leather stool handmade by my Grandpa Orlando;
White Jenny Lind crib:
Faded floral Tiddliwinks bedding: Target, gift from Nana
Clockwise from top L:
Vintage toy, plays lullaby when you pull the cord: The Antique Mall on Selby, St. Paul, $8;

White antique dresser: dealer Ron VonSpreecken, St. Paul, $50; Ikea brown plush chair and matching ottoman, $99, antique wooden magazine rack with floral print on the side: Hopkins Antique Mall, $20;

Running Opener 5K race number from April 2011 run with baby at 31 weeks pregnant; Victoria the Bunny, shower gift;
Beatrix Potter print, The Antique Mall on Selby, St. Paul, $2;

Blue floral patchwork quilt made by Grandma Dorothy, finished by Nana, faded floral Tiddliwinks bedding, Boppy with Plaza Tiles cover, Target, $20
Chinese silk rug with birds: from front hall of childhood home; super-soft Dwell Studios brown and white graphic throw (shower gift from Aunt Karen)


Pharmie said...

Oh Abbe, it's super cute! Looks like the mobile is now officially hung...

Benjamin said...

I keep meaning to tell you that "Ignoreland" came up randomly on my iPod the other day and got me listening to "Automatic For the People" for a few days which, naturally, made me think of you.

You should make that your labor music. Hope all is well.