Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 Weeks Old!

Believe it or not, this was me six weeks ago! 

 And then this little lady came on the scene!

 And now she's six weeks old and smiling!

Time is moving quickly, and now we have an animated little girl on our hands! She's really starting to notice the world around her and loves staring at light on the wall and brightly colored toys. We're not on any sort of set schedule set, but she manages some good evening stretches of sleep every so often. We still haven't quite figured out any sure way to signal the start of the night to her, and how she goes down every night is still different (i.e. 7pm OR 2am!). 

She still sleeps a lot like when she was just born, but now has more alert time during the day, and during that she's starting to smile more...and dare I say I heard a very short giggle accompanying that this morning??

With Minnesota's current "heat storm," the babe and I are fairly housebound today, unfortunately. And perhaps for a bit longer. I can't even get our solid wood front door open because the humidity is so bad If you could feel what it feels like, it's really hard to justify taking a baby out in it even for a walk around the block! So, we're catching up on some shows, ordering diapers online (a ton, by the way), and using grandmotherly visiting time for workouts. (However, this morning's workout outside was pushing it, even for a hydrated adult. It was a total ghost town out there. The only other people I saw were three fairly miserable-looking tree trimmers. But knowing it would probably be the only time I'd get outside all day, I had to go for it.)

So to back up, as of yesterday I've gotten the midwife okay to resume workouts again! Not that this really comes as a surprise, but it's still great. Actually, the midwife asked me if I'd been running already and had no issues with my saying I had in fact started punctuating some of my walks with some super short run intervals. Anyway, the same afternoon as my checkup I headed to the pool for my first swim back and it was great. And I even wore my normal pre-pregnancy swimsuit. As if in perfect illustration of why I liked keeping up swimming while pregnant and now want to continue it is that I ran into four friends at the pool in the course of 45 minutes! Swimming, with the area's limited pool venues, is surprisingly social. And of course the time in the water was great, too.

Better go dig out Z's swimsuit--she'll be a fish herself before she knows it.

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