Friday, July 8, 2011

Adventure Baby

"We're doing it!!"

Our weekend battle cry.

Z had her first trip to the cabin over Fourth of July weekend! Just like my parents did with me at the same age. Gotta start 'em young. No baby books, no TV, no footwear besides flip flops. Just a Pack 'N Play, mosquito netting, a stack of onesies, and a baby sun hat. (And all the other stuff we seemingly piled the baby on top of in the photo.) 

If it weren't for the dang girth of the stroller (photo - left lower corner), our achievements in light packing would be much more evident. 

She did great! Of course, she slept most of the time, but four nights in northern Minnesota in a real cabin made out of logs is a feat for most adults. There was very little in the way of "actually treacherous" to contend with, but rustic is still the operative word. Coming home to a designated location to change a baby's diaper puts everything in a new light. 

Mom and Z's uncles Jon & David came up too, and we had a great time! It's only with chagrin that I admit I bailed on Scrabble each night because I was dead tired by 8pm. But come on--first trip up north with a newborn: cut me some slack!

Luckily there is a one-room bunkhouse adjacent to the main cabin in which we set up camp with the baby and the Pack 'N Play, while everyone less directly part of Z's bloodline stayed in the main cabin.
Honestly, there is no way I could have fully enjoyed myself if everyone vacationing with us had had to essentially wake up with us every time Z did in the middle of the night to eat. Most of the nights, though, she did sleep pretty well or at least give us some good stretches. Then there was that ONE night, at the end of which I was nearly delirious with exhaustion from the nonstop cluster feeding (i.e. every 45 minutes about twelve times over...or was it 15?). But this uptick of feeding no doubt tied to a growth spurt was inevitable, so we may as well have been in paradise! 

Paradise with bacon and pancakes, I might add. 

The little lady during her first visit to Walker, MN. In her most festive July attire. 

The table centerpiece at breakfast:

Not unlike those huge wedding reception table centerpieces. 

And one of our resident chipmunks who subsists on peanuts he is hand-fed by us humans...and on hummingbird nectar. Save some for the birds, dude!

In terms of postpartum recovery, I'm feeling much closer to normal than I was two weeks ago. It's a long process, no way around it. There are times where you think it can't possibly take this long before the thought of riding a bike seems feasible, but then again childbirth isn't something you do every day. 

I haven't started running again yet; I'm waiting until my six week checkup. A couple times I've punctuated my daily walks with jogs of no more than 50 yards, just to see what the damage would be like. It wasn't traumatic, but I'll wait all the same. Naturally I miss the daily cardiovascular exercise and what it does for me mentally. But for now, walks are fine. Jumping back into running or swimming right now while breastfeeding and getting used to my new sleep schedule (on top of our daily outings), would honestly leave my tank empty. Baby steps. Every week is one big step towards regaining energy and strength, and I'm sure I'll be back to running et. al before I know it. I'm thinking about signing up for a mid-fall running race. With the way time is moving these days, that'll be here before I know it!

Speaking of baby, I love this little miss more each day! She's just so cute, and I love staring at her and trying to figure out who she looks like. So far the consensus is that she's a good mix of both of us. I definitely see Nelson in her. She has the cutest expressions and is getting so strong! She seems to recognize my voice now. She's started taking bottles of expressed milk from Micah and my mom, so that's a big step and one that needed to be negotiated before I go back to work in the fall, so I'm glad she's accepting the bottle now at just 4 weeks old! 

K gotta run--the baby calleth!

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