Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We've Got an Eight-Weeker

And she's pushing the limits of cute into the stratosphere!

We are now at eight weeks, and Zanna's personality is really starting to show! And the smiles when doled out are now sometimes accompanied by random vocalizations that are pretty cute and entertaining. She's started to look at some of her toys for real instead of looking through them into the distant beyond (e.g. turquoise plush chicken, chime-embedded Eeyore, and dangling pink and lime green teething ring), and even bats at them on occasion. 

And then decides she's done with them and starts crying. 

Ah, the honesty of baby emotions. We've had our fun and now we're done! I hear myself saying this to her a lot lately whenever she decides "That was great, but this thing we are doing has now become boring! Show me something new!" And honestly, I love how everything I can show her is new and how it creates all sorts of connections for her. Including show tunes belted out with no shortage of theatrics. 

I mean why not. 

And I may not be a native French speaker, and it may make no difference whatsoever, but I also find myself saying random things to her in French. 

Ca va, mon petit bebe ?
Que tu es mignonne ! 
Ou est ton copain Gus ?

 I leave you with three seconds of Z: 



 cri !

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