Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smiley Wiley!

You have to be able to quote freely from Disney's Goofy Movie to fully appreciate the title...which my family may or may not do. Secret's out! 

In addition to giving us some really cute smiles lately, Zanna is very into music and perks up every time I play something. But the songs with energy or lots of "up and down" are her favorite. (Or mine?)

So with a quick sweep through our tremendously eclectic iTunes library--perhaps because I can't listen to the baby sound machine's chime-y but shrill rendition of Rockabye Baby one more time without shrieking--we now have a playlist of more modern tunes. Each guarantees maximum baby entertainment value, especially when paired with a dancing mom!

1. DotA (Swedish), Basshunter
2. Annie Waits (clapping), Ben Folds
3. Put Your Hands Up (robot voice), Benny Benassi
4. Evacuate the Dance Floor (hard not to laugh at), Cascada
5. Darla Dirladada (French), Dalida
6. Fancy Footwork (musical equivalent of laser beams), Chromeo
7. Yankee Bayonet (jumpy octaves), The Decemberists
8. Marta's Song (unintelligible made-up language), Deep Forest
9. Girls on Film (camera clicks, memorable refrain), Duran Duran
10. Don't Gotta Work It Out (her first favorite song), Fitz & the Tantrums
11. Live is Life (sirens of sorts), Hermes House
12. Telephone (general danceability), Lady Gaga
13. Bird Walk (the most times "Oh yeah! has ever been in song), Soulja Boy
14. Dhan Te Nan (lots of shouting "Aacha-hey!"), Sounds of Bollywood 3
15. A Cause Des Garcons (French), Yelle

And occasionally we throw in a little No Doubt...whenever I want to feel like I'm in 8th grade again!

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