Sunday, November 13, 2011

Five Months

Probably about time for an update! Would you believe there's a five month-old in the house now? There's been a lot going on and I could use it all as an excuse for not writing more often, but it really boils down to the fact that Blogger and iPhoto were not talking to each other very well, and this usually resulted in the throwing of hands into the air whenever I tried to upload pictures. Now with a workaround in place, I really have no excuse.

So lately, in short, Halloween was a fun time with twin bees in the house. I know people all go crazy over dressing up their kids for Halloween and well frankly I don't blame them because a baby in any kind of costume is pretty cute. Luckily the baby bee costume was pretty warm and comfy-looking, which was good since it was a relatively chilly weekend. Zanna started out the morning of Sat. 10/29 in it while cheering on Nordica and me in the Monster Dash Half. And then of course wore it two days later again. What a deal--two times to wear it!

The Monster Dash was a fun race and it felt great to be out there on a great new Summit Ave/East River Rd/Shepard Rd course. We played it pretty conservative and mostly just enjoyed the costumes of everyone around us. I don't have a photo here, but Nordica and I wore matching shiny pink leggings. I'm not really sure what we were supposed to be. It was just an excuse to wear something Olivia Newton John-ish. So, not my fastest half to be sure, but not my slowest, either. My return to running has been gradual and reasonable, but very much a return and Micah has been so supportive in this. We've been able to do a lot of outdoorsy stuff like running as a family together with the jogging stroller and it's great because Zanna is either taking in all the trees and things to look at, or napping. I really haven't spent that much time at the pool at all in the last several months, and even though I miss it sometimes, I mostly don't care because I'd rather spend the extra time and energy with baby! I'm sure it'll become a regular thing sometime again the future.

On Halloween, we once again got lots of trick-or-treaters, which I love. I love the kids that take one piece of candy...then another...and then another. And then the embarrassed parent is like, "Olivia, no!" And the kids loved that we had not one but two bees answering the door! 

At five months, Zanna is changing so quickly. Every day it seems like there's something new she didn't do the day before. We've been giving her rice cereal occasionally and now have tried pureed carrots and apples. She's started going to Spanish immersion daycare two days a week and the place is just great. Every Monday is Pajama Monday. And I'm excited that she's getting a chance to be around other kids. I know at this point they're probably not interacting with each other a ton, but if not now, soon enough, right? Her teachers Miriam, Silvia, and Angelica are super nice and they do "circle time" with music, and Z's daily report cards also say "gym time." Haha--I think that means they take all the babies down to the gym and, well, I'm not sure! Wiggle around I guess! So two days at the school each week, and three days with family, and this seems like a great schedule so far. 

With every passing week, Z gets more and more aware of things around her, particularly Gus. She loves him. LOVES. And so far nothing she does to him has pushed him over the edge. Though for him "the edge" would most likely be to simply pick up and move outside her striking range. Actually I think he's mostly thrilled he's got someone to play with besides the 'rents. Other than her total infatuation with Gus, Z's rolling over more routinely now, is really liking anything that makes noise, like this crinkly paper baby toy we have, is starting to understand the concept of Peekaboo, and can always be soothed with either food, nap, or a sparkling rendition of the ABC song. Her hair is starting to grow in a lot more, and so far it's kind of a golden light brown, depending on the light, and her eyes are definitely not blue but more like a blue/brown hazel, with the brown showing up like freckles around the pupils...maybe just like Dad! 

Micah and I have had no shortage of laughs in naming her toys for her. It's terribly ridiculous and usually involves the first thing to come to mind. Among them would be Diane Whoozit, Willow, Cinnamon, Tops, Doug Duck, Freddie Flyer, etc. I can't believe I'm actually admitting this, but hey, if this is serving as any sort of journal it would be a shame to let these go unremembered. And I suppose we both admit that we're both looking forward to the day that a cute little toddler girl yells "Where's my Doug Duck?!"

Lastly, work is going as well as I could hope, and I can't believe I've only been back full-time something like six or seven weeks. I know not everyone feels this way once they have a child, but for me the combination of working and motherhood is a good balance. I'm sure a lot of why it was so easy to transition back is because I know she's in good hands being with her grandparents, and now at the school as well. I feel incredibly lucky to have involved family nearby. Work has also been very supportive about whatever I need in terms of flexible scheduling, though so far things haven't required overly creative changes to my standard schedule. We're still nursing and I'm just amazed at what the body can do. We don't have a scale at home but I'm guessing I'm about back to the weight I started at without any restriction on food intake besides common sense, and there's no doubt the nursing is a huge part of that.

So what can I say? I really love being a mom, and every day become more and more aware that the number of days in each baby stage passes so quickly, and so as a result feel very present in enjoying the richness of it all. 

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