Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Weekend

A few highlights from the holiday weekend. We now possess a plethora of battery-operated toy goodness.
Waking up Dad on Christmas morning to open presents. 
Didn't we have at least another year before this starts? (hint: blame the mom who carried her upstairs!)

Santa's handwriting looks mysteriously like Nana's....

A youthful uncle-version Santa

The children. You really don't get one without the other.

Aunt and uncle 5-pack

Rum cake me.

 Gracie in appropriately festive jingle bells. Looking thrilled!

Best homemade nativity set ever

Smorgasbord (two kinds of blood sausage not pictured).

When Nelson din reaches fever pitch, tune out with Car & Driver!

The description of this photo could read...a number of things.

And in other weekend activity, first taste of avocado. Green like Christmas.

I can't believe I was only 17 weeks pregnant Christmas, and now look! Best Christmas ever.

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