Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chez Madame Dumay

Another Dijonnais interior to feast your eyes on. The residence of Madame Dumay, host mom of a good friend of mine. In striking contrast to the din of my residence, Madame Dumay's apartment was a much more subdued locale. And to my delight, completely full of chairs.

The large-scale gilded mirrors add a great deal to the living room, and they pair nicely with the "dated but because of that, kind of cool" textured wallpaper, the cute little writing desk that looks like it actually gets used for that purpose, the small pieces of framed art, the Oriental rugs that help create "rooms within a room," and a blue table lamp that just won't quit.

This is the kind of room that I would never have come up with on my own, and pieces of which I would have perhaps disliked individually, but I end up loving it because it feels like someone's very special home that hasn't changed in a long time. I love and am fascinated by home time capsules.

A perfect place for a cup of tea and civilized conversation...about how much I love all these chairs!

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