Tuesday, February 7, 2012

8 Months & 5 Years!

Two February milestones in the house! And I bet you can guess which one goes with the baby and which one goes with the dog.

Z is one charming little lady, and we are totally enjoying watching her learn how to say sounds ("Da-da-da-da-da-da") and figure out how to move around more. We were convinced she was about to pop her first tooth a few weeks ago after a feverish weekend full of random crying jags, but so far she's still got that full gummy grin! Dare I say, she's got a great little sense of humor on her, too.

In the motor skills department, she's flipping from back to front quite masterfully. Not quite yet to crawling, but it's obvious that this is next. She's pretty good at balancing when we stand her on her feet, and sometimes can stand there for a good 15 seconds on her own. In preparation for when she decides to start pulling herself up, we have already lowered the mattress in the crib so we don't have to experience the full-on panic of seeing a baby bend at the waist over the rail.

Z is a gold star eater and will eat anything we give her. Aside from baby food, she is a huge fan of Greek yogurt fed to her by Grandpa Dave, and she loves frozen pineapple chunks when put in one of those little mesh teething thingys. I can't bring myself to feed her those nasty smelling Chicken Noodle Dinners, but I figure between the fruit and vegetable solids and puffs she gets, plus milk, she'll be just fine.

Favorite books and games of late include: Dr. Seuss's ABC Book (previously mentioned and still going strong), the book where you press the buttons and the book says what different pictures are...though for some reason the whole grid shifted, so when you press "flower," the book says "boat." Yikes! Don't want to pull a Dogtooth on her! Maybe we should set this one aside for a while until it gets fixed....

She also is very into her little Danish prince rattle named Willow (you can't make this stuff up), a little Baby Einstein keyboard that plays music, and of course her sports balls (basketball, soccer ball, baseball). It'll be fun to see what she ends up loving the most and using as a security blanket.

Which leads me to this guy:

If that isn't the face of someone planning mischief, I don't know what is. Planning mischief in a sock monkey bed. It's amazing that it's already been five years since Gus was a little puppy getting beatdowns from then-resident Maine Coon, Ginger. Of course she got canned for peeing on Micah's bike commuter bags one too many times (though we really know it was a longer story than that), but now we can happily say that Gus's new friend is much nicer and loves him to no end. You can't see them here, but the boy's got some white whiskers on him now! But seriously, best dog in the world. 

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