Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Interior Love

And we're back...with another edition of French Homes I Adore. 

This apartment in central Dijon is where one of my girlfriends lived with a host family. Unlike my host home, which was bustling with school-age children, this home was now, if anything, set up for the grandchildren of the couple's four adult children. Though this first shot would convince you otherwise. No really, it was. 

Maybe it's me, but there is so much to like in the dining room/living room. Parquet floors, super high ceilings, the deep blue and warm gold color combo against white, with little palm-tree-like plants situated just so. And functional curtains that fit quietly into the background. 

The apartment had a great aura to it, a really great level of vitality going on. I loved coming over after school with my girlfriend and being offered snacks by her very gracious and chatty host mom. Unlike in my host home, where every action of mine appeared to be taken as an example for one child for another, here you could, say, eat a snack when hungry instead of dying waiting for dinner, and it didn't set a precedent about what "she" (me) was doing that was different than what they (les enfants francais) should be doing. 

The main hallway, in which we find once again those textured mustard-colored walls that add that little something without screaming. Set next to wonderfully tall windows pointing up to seriously hardcore white moldings. Pictures spontaneously appearing here and there, including one of Pope John Paul II. And my girlfriend also appearing spontaneously.

The kitchen pantry, which I find to be tres francais. 1) Things really aren't thrown out, even if broken. 2) Cute little key with blue tassel on the door. 3) Up top, multiple small glass jars of Amora Dijon mustard, nearly universal condiment, covered with cartoon characters. 4) Empty Amora glass jars with well-loved characters like Asterix that are now children's drinking glasses...and as it turns out, highly breakable. 5) Bottle of cassis-flavored syrup, cassis being THE other Dijon flavor, along with mustard.

And of course, there I am with a box of Lion cereal, the Lion Bar being a popular Snickers-like candy bar. Made into a cereal. Totally something you'd find at Grandma's!

The grandchildren's playroom. It draws me in. The green and yellow and the floral curtains, something about it is just so cheerful. I can just imagine Grandma and little ones sitting down in here, reading Tintin together. I'm assuming there is another herringbone parquet floor under this green floor covering, being protected from tricycles.

Elsewhere: a portrait of calm and repose, non? The perfect simple chambre. Proof that restraint is underrated. 

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