Sunday, May 6, 2012

11 Months Old!

Tomorrow Zanna turns 11 months old! Life with her is serious fun and we would never go back. Here are a few recent pictures from our trip to the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City with the Turman clan, and from Easter. 

Little Z is crawling and even took her first steps in the carpeted hallway at the Lied Lodge at 10 1/2 front of her great-grandparents! Talk about fabulous timing! But she still prefers to crawl around and only still is taking a step here and there, which works for us. Next stop: chasing running child, right? 

At the top of Lied Lodge's 50-ft. treehouse in the woods. I am most amazed that she kept that hat on since she's all about pulling hair bows out of her hair now...right as her bangs have become so long that they hang in her eyes without outside assistance. (I highly recommend the Ergo carrier, btw.)

Zanna has become a very good clapper too, and if you ask "How big is Zanna?" she puts her hands up above her head to say "So big!" That one took about a week to learn. She also likes to flap her hands up by her head rather crazily, some sort of jazz hand thing she must have learned at day care. Peekaboo is also a favorite. So far she can say dada, nana, mama, baba, yaya, gueuu (or something resembling "Gus"), and uh-oh. The "b" sound seems to be the latest addition. It's really fun seeing her pick up this stuff and put it all together.

Easter brunch at Cafe Lurcat. Pastels all around!

Wouldn't you know, possibly the highlight of Nebraska for Zanna was "Sir Wool-iam" at the Pendleton outlet store in town. She is all about soft things right now.

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