Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The October Chronicle

So much happening! Some recent pictures from the fall: 

Zanna is 16 months! 

 Our entry in day care's Crazy Hair Day. Zanna's classroom won!

Baby Story Time at the Nokomis Library with Lynn & Ethan!
(Books first, toys second.) 

 An impromptu visit from dear friend Megan who lives in Oregon. 

 Cousins! They're at ages where they can play together now. Super fun.

 This is what "napping hard" looks like.

 Grandpa swing

New house! 

Moving is never easy, but a couple weeks ago we did it!  Being in a new house and neighborhood is exciting. After a lot of consideration, we found another (larger) bungalow in Southwest that has undergone extensive restoration, so it's the best of old 1920s house charm combined nice updates.

We only moved 5 miles west of our old house but that's a lot less urban driving to get to family and work. We're a 4-minute jog to Lake Harriet and have a hardware store, organic grocery/corner store, and great French bakery all within walking distance. I miss our old house a little since it was our first house and there were a lot of good memories there, but we have renters in it now and it's their chance to enjoy it! And our new block has lots of families and young kids, so we're looking forward to that!

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