Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lines in the Water

Crickets in the blogosphere...dreadful.  Impossible to hit everything, but here's a little ballad I might eventually put to music:

Pinch hit hosted Thanksgiving, making it two years in a row. Only for 10 this year and not 20 so NBD. #NotMyFirstRodeo. Got smart and bought a fresh turkey instead of slaving over frozen. Delegated everything else as much as possible. Micah got into XC skiing. I nursed a rotator cuff injury from Crossfit and decided not to keep doing CF though fun while it lasted. Got some PT. Run mostly instead...when we don't have polar vortexes. Alternatively bike on indoor trainer before work and watch Niecy Nash and her crew on Clean House. Go Netflix. Squirreled away cash from selling light fixtures and other house miscellany on Craigslist, used it all on stress-free Christmas shopping. Did Feed My Starving Children event with in-laws in lieu of gifts. Got to know them better. Hosted lots of in-laws for Christmas. Incredible satisfaction from getting correct drinks in all hands in front of roaring fire. Worked on pre-potty training with Z. Reminisced about when diaper changing was not a 30-minute ordeal. Nearly cried in gratitude when it got easier again and the potty made the occasional cameo in the process. Realized the extent to which the word "potty" has infiltrated my vocabulary. House cleaning frenzy, convinced I will be swallowed by stuff if I don't fight valiantly, ALWAYS. Escaped to American Swedish Institute for first time, was inspired by holiday decor and heated solarium. Created hundreds of pieces of jewelry out of vintage and repurposed beads from Grandma Dorothy. Held a sale and donated part of proceeds to Adopt A Classroom. Helping a friend redesign her home office as she launches her business. Eating less and less stuff that was designed in labs, feeling fab as a result. Trying once and for all to have nice nails #TBD. Got a big haircut by accident, now love it. Booked a he & she-only winter getaway and am using it to emotionally tow myself through February. Read up on feng shui and cleared out everything under bed post-haste. Reading French interior design magazines to keep up my language skillz. Highlight words I don't know and look them up. #StillGotIt. Saw Lord of the Rings for first time. Only 13 years late to the party. Wrote down a list of easy dinners and taped it to the inside of the pantry door. Treated myself to the joys of Caudalie skincare products. Just realized I have a manicure in half an hour. And that little thing called a job. Did that too.

Block paragraphs generally give me hives, but I think this one serves its conceptual purpose.

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Robyn said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! Hope you got a good run in this weekend in the January thaw.